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======Javier Espigares Martín======

{{image url="" title="Retrato Personal" alt="Retrato Personal" width="357" class="right"}} Welcome, this is Javier Espigares Martin personal webpage. I have a Telecommunications Engineer Degree (MS) from the [[ University of Granada]] and a Master of Science at the [[ University of California, San Diego]] in Electrical and Computer Engineering. The master was supported by the [[ La Caixa Fellowship]].

Currently, I work at Delcross Technologies LLC in Chicago, IL as an Electromagnetics Engineer. My fields of research are related to Numerical Methods in Electromagnetics, Finite Differences, Method of Moments, Antenna Design and Metamaterials among others.

Within this page you can access to personal information such as my curriculum vitae, biography or links of related pages.

- [[Biography Biography]]
- [[Resume Curriculum Vitae]]
- [[Links Links]]

Information in [[Principal Spanish]].
Información en [[Principal Español]].
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