Me getting and award from the King of Spain. Juan Carlos I. (Barcelona, 2010)
Javier was born the 26th of January of 1985 in the city of Granada, Spain. After graduating valedictorian in high-school in 2003, he started his studies at the University of Granada in order to pursuit a BS and MS in Telecommunications Engineering. During the summer of 2006 he worked in an internship at British Telecommunication in the United Kingdom. He spent his last year studies as an exchange student at the University of California, Davis under the Education Abroad Program of the University of California. His MS thesis: "Optimized Design of UWB Antennas" obtained the best qualification of his year at the University of Granada. After completing his MS and BS in 2008 he additionally obtained the Chancellor's award of the University of Granada due his outstanding academic achievements. Soon before graduating he obtained a position as a research associated with the Electromagnetics Department at the University of Granada for the HIRF-SE project in cooperation with EADS. In 2009 he obtains the "La Caixa" Fellowship for graduate studies in the United States. He obtained an MS at the University of California, San Diego under the advising of Vitaly Lomakin doing simulations on micromagnetic nano-particles. Currently, he works at Delcross Technologies LLC as an Electromagnetics Engineer in Chicago, IL, USA. In addition to his academic and professional career, Javier is interested in diverse topics such as photography, literature or economics.
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